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“As we grow up we create meaning and stories. Throughout life we look for the evidence to reinforce that they’re true. These stories stick unconsciously with us – unless we act intentionally to change. When you feel ready for that change, you’re ready for my help.”

Change your story

Are you burnt out, stressed or frustrated? Is the record stuck on repeat churning out the same old, same old? Do you have a sense deep down that life or business could be different?

Change your life

You can live an authentic life. It’s time to admit what’s what and step into your power with integrity and compassion. New ventures and adventures could be just around the corner.

Spiral Clearing Process

Seven steps to clear your shit, ditch emotional baggage and transform your life.


Conscious facilitation for people to become more mindful, powerful and authentic.

Loving Kick Ass Coaching

Discovery of who you are, what you want; and movement to where you want to be.


Transforming teams and turning managers into leaders who influence with integrity.

What can Anita Dickons do for me? Why would I spend money on this stuff?

People tend to seek out Anita when they are feeling stressed, stuck or overwhelmed. They know something needs to shift. Often they’re sick of thinking or talking about possibilities, and not having the tools or support they need for change. It’s common for clients to feel like they’ve been performing life or acting out in ways that don’t feel real or authentic. Many are sick of repeating the patterns that prevent them from becoming happy and whole. One day, you too will decide that enough is enough. You’ll know in your guts that you can’t ignore the niggles any longer. It’s time to invest in yourself and get in touch with Anita.

Are you numbing yourself with distractions?
Daily activities can become avoidance strategies. Drinking too much, watching TV or even shopping – they can all be signs that you’re not looking at the real source of what’s going on. Anita can introduce you to your truth so you can begin to rewrite the story.
Does your outside look better than inside feels?
You’d be surprised by how many people look like they’ve got their shit together but feel empty on the inside. Anita can help you to discover what really matters, so you can courageously embrace the real you, and not just tick a box for the sake of appearances.
Do you want to engage and connect more powerfully?
Anita can help you to confidently own your unique magic and gifts. From this place of authenticity and acceptance you will communicate more effectively in relationships, at work and as a leader or persuasive public speaker.
Are you burnt out and running low on energy?
Life throws curve balls at us. We soldier on; families to look after, careers to maintain, bills to pay. This can grind us down and take its toll. Anita can support you to reflect, refuel and refocus.
Is your team in need of inspiration or direction?
Good leaders are people who know themselves, who can act courageously from a place of authenticity. Anita works collaboratively with business clients to boost organisational capacity and power up people.

About Anita

Anita Dickons has always been curious about people and what makes them tick. As a kid she was raised in an English pub – unseen and unheard as she quietly observed the goings on. She grew up to lead change in corporate teams, counsel relationships and direct funerals. People were always the common thread, especially those in transition or confronting change. Anita’s own journey of transformation into her authentic self inspires her to connect clients to themselves and tap into what’s going on inside. She shows people how to welcome their complexities and wholeness while bringing harmony, collaboration and cooperation into their lives.


“I know now after Spiral with Anita that I can lead from my most authentic place. I am both vulnerable and strong. That’s changed everything for me.

“Anita is a gifted coach, with an uncanny ability to hear both what I was saying and not admitting to myself.  I went from a place of frustration to a position of strength.”


“Anita held a safe space for me to uncover my patterns, and to let go of what’s been holding me back and keeping me small for so long. Now I’m writing a new story.”

“I have your back. Until you do. For yourself.”

Change is liberating and empowering. But the process can be challenging. People can feel uncertain, overwhelmed or like they’re drowning in the emotions that surface. You want someone who can support you, whatever comes up, who has the tools to help you become self-aware and self-reliant. Anita Dickons is that person. She meets every client exactly where they are on their own journey into the sacred pool of transformation. You can dip your toe in, paddle to new shores or deep dive into unchartered waters.

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